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Our Story


The Rogowski Farm is a second generation, family operated farm located in the magnificent black-dirt region of Pine Island in the town of Warwick in Orange County NY.  Old-fashioned family values and a progressive attitude gives the farm an atmosphere of warmth and welcome.


Our Produce is grown using NO chemicals, synthetic or organic, providing the purest of produce.  Our intense seed saving program ensures the preservation of many heirloom varieties of vegetables paying it forward for the future!!!


We grow many unique and custom varieties of produce for our CSA members, high end restaurants and Farmers Market customers.  Known for our expertise in low-income, ethnic markets we continually strive to uphold the high levels of quality and diversity our customers have come to expect from us.  



Naturally Grown

Heirloom Produce

Seasonal Catering

Farmers Markets

Community Supported Agriculture

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